Beyond the mini-bar, few things are better in a good hotel than the linen. Pillows that melt like butter and cradle your head. Covers and sheets with excessive thread counts. Duvets, down comforters, blankets, quilts, and synthetic textiles so comfortable your customers wish (and sometimes do) steal them. Bath towels whiter and softer than snow. Robes, for your guests to feel like royalty.


High Quality Laundry Machine Services

Hotel laundry equipment requires high capacity and reliability. For hotels and motels in the New Jersey state area, Mickron Industries brings the reliability. Mickron Industries has been preforming installation, maintenance, and repair on commercial laundry equipment for hotels since 1973. Locally based out of Denville, NJ – we are the nearby laundry service solution.

Hotel Linen Services

Sometimes having washing and drying equipment on premise isn’t the smartest option. In these cases linen services can help by taking and washing restaurant, towel, bed, and other hotel related linen needs. Mickron Industries helps by working with these linen companies to maintain equipment, quickly provide master repairs, and helping maintain service and support. If you run a hotel linen service company in New Jersey and need laundry washer, dryer, or finishing equipment repair – look no further than Mickron Industries.